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Save time
Safe page ready to run ads in less than a minute
Unique algorithm
AI-based generation of a complete DOM tree
No more bans
Pass ad review in any advertising networks
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Connect the strongest cloaking with one click

Comsign Generators

Forget about manual coding. Forever.

WordPress GeneratorWordPress Generator

WordPress Generator

Multipage safe pages styled as news blog based on the popular CMS.
An algorithm that mimics the WordPress core to pass ad review in any advertising network.
Unique news content adaptable to any GEO's and verticals.
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AppPage Generator

Safe pages based on the content of any applications from Google Play and App Store.
Each safe page creates with full randomization of the entire structure and design.
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SafePage Generator

Multipage safe pages based on self-developed design.
Unique news content adaptable to any GEO's and verticals.
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Comsign Pricing

Anonymous payment with cryptocurrency.

299$/ month
Download limit – 200 pages.
Additional downloads – $2 per page.
Access to all basic generators and features.
Pass ad review in any traffic sources: Google, Facebook, TikTok, Bing, X, etc.
Automatic integration of streams from Adspect cloaking.
499$/ month
Download limit – 500 pages.
Additional downloads – $1.5 per page.
Enhanced AI-based safe page generation algorithm.
Access to automation workflows via REST API.
Access to BETA testing of new updates and features.
1499$/ month
Download limit - 1500 pages.
Additional downloads - $1 per page.
Dedicated asynchronous private generation stream.
Access to batch generation with REST API.
Best for large teams and affiliate projects.

Frequency Asked Questions

Safe pages are needed to pass ad review without bans and rejections when uploading prohibited advertising verticals. For example, if you want to run ads related to casinos (Gambling) - this is prohibited in all advertising networks. In turn our service helps to create safe pages for any vertical and run ads without problems.

Comsign safe pages easily and without any problems pass ad review in most advertising networks, such as: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Bing Ads, X and others.

Comsign has several advantages over competitors:

  • Comsign provides highly automated and easy-to-use tools for creating safe pages, requiring no programming skills or modifications.

  • Comsign uses a unique AI-based algorithm, so safe pages are recognized by bots in advertising networks as unique. Because of this, our safe pages pass ad review better than anyone else.

  • Comsign allows you to extend the life of an advertising campaign, not just pass ad review at once.

  • Comsign provides a wide range of settings and tools to create a safe page exactly according to your requirements.
  • Comsign safe pages can work and be integrated into any cloaking service. However, thanks to cooperation with Adspect, the whole process of connecting with cloaking can be reduced to a few of clicks.

    No. Ready safe pages are provided as a ZIP-archive. Comsign doesn't provide the placement and configuration of safe pages on the server.

    Yes. There are limits on downloading ZIP-archives. The number of available downloads depends on the chosen plan: Basic - 200 downloads; PRO - 500 downloads; Business - 1500 downloads. Preview generation is unlimited.

    No. We provide access to generators only by subscription. For testing, you can use our bot where buy safe pages by one is available: @comsign_bot. You can also view the safe page previews using the demo mode on the website.

    The API for automating the generation process available in PRO or Business plans.

    Yes. The PRO subscription includes access to the API and an increased number of available downloads. The PRO tariff uses an improved AI-based white generation algorithm, which makes it easier to pass moderation on gray-black verticals, such as Gambling, Crypto. Also, users of this tariff receive all updates and access to testing new features first.

    Yes. You can purchase a subscription to the generators to an existing Adspect subscription on our website. When subscribing, use the same account as in Adspect.

    Yes. A discount is provided when purchasing a subscription for 3 or more months at once. Promocodes are tied to arbitration conferences (AWC, Sigma, MAC, etc.), meetups, cross-promotions, as well as other marketing activities and are not distributed freely. For all updates and news you can follow our official Telegram group: @comsign

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